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2 bylaws drafts from Pacifica bylaws revision committee

Pacifica Bylaws working draft A: from Rob Robinson
Pacifica Bylaws working draft B: from Carol Spooner


TO: Interim Board of Directors
CC: LAB Chairs and/or Secretaries and Station Managers Attached in RTF format are two "working draft" versions of Bylaws for Pacifica. The drafts reflect some but not all the ideas that have been suggested at the bylaws subcommittees around the country, as well as some novel suggestions.

These are not intended to be "competing drafts", but instead are to be reviewed to see what concepts people like or don't like, with the objective of perhaps "mixing and matching" some elements from each draft into a consolidated draft, or taking a different approach to some issues, altogether.

For there to be a meaningful effort at producing a consolidated draft it will be necessary for the board subcommittee members to meet with the local board members to discuss these drafts in some detail, answer questions, get suggestions and feed back, and to get a "sense of the LAB" from each of the five local boards. It is hoped and expected that these meetings with the local can take place over the next 2 weeks, if at all possible. These meetings should focus on briefing the local board members and determining their views, rather than public comment on the drafts. Discussions with the local should focus particularly on provisions for the number of Local Board members and Directors, and the manner of election of the local boards and national board, as these bylaws provisions must be approved by at least 3 of the 5 current LABS prior to election of new local and national boards.

There will be ample opportunities provided for public comments at bylaws subcommittee meetings and on line.

LAB Chairs/Secretaries -- Please distribute copies of these drafts to all LAB members by whatever means necessary to insure that ALL LAB members receive copies as soon as possible, and please arrange a special LAB meeting for the purpose of discussing these drafts with your local iPNB members at the soonest convenient date for all concerned.

Station Managers -- Would you please see that copies are made and are available to station staff members, and posted somewhere at the station ... and please notify the station staff that copies are available and where they can obtain copies. Thanks.

These drafts will be posted today to www.pacifica.org (I hope, if the webmaster is available), or as soon as possible. Pete Korakis, the Pacifica webmaster has said that he will also put up a bulletin board for public comments on these drafts at www.pacifica.org.

The drafts will also be posted to other Pacifica-Related discussion boards and webpages, including www.savepacifica.net and www.wbai.net

Carol Spooner
Chair, Bylaws Revisions Committee


Pacifica Bylaws working draft A: from Rob Robinson
Pacifica Bylaws working draft B: from Carol Spooner

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