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9-30-07: Pacifica National Board motions on WBAI finances

8-29-07: Pacifica National Finance Committee calls for $200,000 cut in WBAI budget

7-9-07: A brilliant summation of the LSB dynamic

6-28-07: ED report, June 2007

9-30-06: PNB calls for financial recovery plan from WBAI

10-1-06: WBAI LSB minority report to the PNB

4-21-06: Pacifica ED Greg Guma's speech to NFCB - vision for Pacifica

3-25-06: Managerial disagreements at WBAI

3-25-06: Staff comment on hostility, insubordination and fiscal improvements at WBAI

3-16-06: WBAI LSB motion to disassociate from Steve Brown's remarks

3-10-06: Pacifica ED Greg Guma's report

3-10-06: HUAC comes to Pacifica again: the PNB decides to investigate itself

3-6-06: Lisa Davis's response regarding racism charge

3-6-06: Latino programming change—good idea or not?

2-24-06: Videotape reveals racism charge against PNB member is unfounded—sign the letter!

2-20-06: Priorities for Pacifica?

1-28-06: WBAI iGM report to Pacifica National Board

1-28-06: New ED Greg Guma's remarks

1-26-06: Accusations of racism and hypocrisy on the PNB

1-20-06: Pacifica's new Executive Director?

11-22-05: WBAI LSB meeting notes

10-29-05: WBAI iGM Indra Hardat on the state of WBAI
Indra Hardat's remarks to the Pacifica National Board, Houston.

10-3-05: WBAI staff cuts, update

9-20-05: Pacifica National Board meeting POSTPONED
Hurricane Rita washes out PNB meeting. To be rescheduled in late October.

9-23-05: Pacifica National Board meeting agenda

9-7-05: Staffing cuts at WBAI

8-23-05: WBAI LSB approves FY 06 station budget

8-2-05: PNB National Finance Meeting notes

7-29-05: PNB National Finance Meeting notes

7-27-05: WBAI PD Bernard White's remarks at LSB meeting

7-21-05: PNB National Finance Meeting notes (re WBAI financial crisis, etc.)

7-15-05: PNB National Finance Meeting notes (re WBAI financial crisis, etc.)

6-18-05: WBAI GM Indra Hardat on WBAI finances, etc.

6-17-05: Pacifica National Board meeting agenda

6-12-05: WBAI's spring fund drive falls short

5-16-05: Indra Hardat appointed WBAI interim GM

4-20-05: Update on directors' inspection at WBAI

4-10-05: WBAI Subscriber Survey results (sent out January 2004)

4-11-05: Pacifica ED Coughlin resignation letter

3-31-05: Directors attempted inspection of WBAI documents

April 1-3, 2005 PNB Meeting in NYC
at: the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel 50th Street and Lexington Ave

Search for new WBAI general manager

WBAI Local Station Board Meeting, 3/21/05

Suspension of WBAI LSB member Paul DeRienzo and LSB meeting, 3/9/04

Pacifica National Finance Committee meetings, 12/28/04 - 3/11/05

WBAI Local Station Board meeting, 2/16/05

Policies and Procedures Adopted by the PNB (2004)

January 13-17, 2005 PNB Meeting

12-20-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes

12-1-04: WBAI LSB Election Results

11-22-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes

Pacifica National Board Committee Meetings:

• Teleconference meetings - webcast and archived at

WBAI Local Station Board Committee Meetings:

• All Local Station Board (LSB) regular and committee meetings open to the public
• All listener and staff members are welcome to join the committees.
• WBAI is located at 120 Wall St. 10th fl., NYC - bring picture I.D.

10-28-04: Clarification of Staff Fair Campaign Rules

10-25-04: Gary Null Election Violation Ruling

10-25-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes

10-24-04: Report on WBAI Town Hall Meeting

WBAI LSB Candidate Forums:
Visit:, 212-561-1525

10-18-04: Pacifica Election Update - dates changed

10-4-04: Pacifica Election Update

Oct. 1-3, 2004 - Pacifica National Board Meeting
- PNB Resolutions Passed
- Meeting Details

9-29-04: Pacifica LSB Candidates 2004

9-24-04: PNB Finance Committee Resolution on WBAI Budget

9-24-04: WBAI LSB Treasurer Report on WBAI Budget Process

8-12-04: KPFA Staff Letter - analysis of board/staff conflict

9-13-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes

9-13-04: Alternative WBAI FY05 Budget Suggestions

9-13-04: Memo Regarding Staff Conduct During Pacifica Elections

9-13-04: Affiliate Director Resigns

8-27-04: KPFA Staff/LSB Letters

8-26-04: New WBAI Election Supervisor

8-23-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes

8-23-04: WBAI Election Supervisor Resigns

8-12-04: WBAI LSB Membership Waivers Resolution

7-25-04: 2004 WBAI LSB Nominations Period Has Begun

7-26-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes


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WBAI program schedule:

Older headlines:

7-22-04: Pacifica Local Election Supervisors Appointed
7-16-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
6-25-04: LSB Program Network Roundup
6-22 & 7-2-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
June 4-6 PNB Houston Meeting Notes
June 4-6 PNB Houston Meeting Info and Agenda
5-31-04: New Pacifica Elecions Supervisor
5-26-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
4-28-04: PNB Interim Information Request Policy
4-25-04: KPFA Affirms Authority of It's Program Council
4-24-04: New LSB section (meeting minutes etc)
3-18-04: WBAI LSB Meeting Notes
March 12-14: Pacifica National Board Meeting Notes
3-14-04: Overview of Pacifica National Board Meeting
3-12-14-04: PNB Meeting Notice
2-28-04: Pacifica CFO Financial Overview - Feb. 2004
2-19-04: Results of PNB director elections
2-19-04 WBAI LSB meeting audio:
2-15-04: Pacifica Affiliate Candidates for Pacifica National Board
2-15-04: Pacifica Affiliates draft bylaws
2-20-04: Composition of Pacifica National Board
2-19-04: Local Station Board officer election results
2-25-04: Pacifica press release on elections
2-19-04: First WBAI Local Station Board Meeting - guidelines and other details
2-9-04: Pacifica Local Station Board elections results
2-12-04: Pacifica-wide LSB composition chart
2-10-04: Analyses of WBAI LSB composition
2-6,7-03: Pacifica Stations achieve quorum in LSB election

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1-01 to 11-01: official resolutions and statements of support

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